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Payday Loans


It is an excellent financing option to meet short-term requirements, but people are not aware of them. �These Pay Day Loans can be availed from Financers or Lending Websites. Before applying for a company, if possible, check about the company from any existing borrower. If you do not have any such reference, start with a lower sum first. If you find they are working suitable, then you can go for larger amounts as well.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Pay Day Loans


All around the world, people use various sources of borrowings to meets their financial needs. One such urgent source of funds is Pay Day Loans. Concerning fact for us Indians is that clich�d thought where Landlords or the old Lenders used to haunt the borrowers, even brutally asking to pay back the money way before the due time at astronomical interest rates. That is the implanted thought of Bollywood dramas. Moreover, ever since, globally, many verified and trusted Lenders have emerged to be a helping hand for borrowers
However, as there are two sides of a coin, similarly there are some advantages as well as disadvantages of payday loans. Let’s have a look at them: -




  1. The fast Source of Money: Pay Day Loans are quick to apply, receive and pay back. Often you would get the money within a few minutes. If you need some extra money for different work or emergency, this popular form of Cash Loan comes in handy.
  1. May even be Savers: Pay Day Loans save you from bank overdrafts, bounced checks and credit card usage that result in very high charges and fees. So taking care of your bills with payday loans saves you from avoidable extra charges. Profitable deal? Absolutely.


  1. No Need of a Credit Report: If your credit report is adverse or even non-existent, this cash loan is still available to you in all scenarios. You just need to show just valid id proof and some post dated cheques.


  1. Allow you to be independent: You can apply for Payday Loans after you are 18 years old. You can take care of your urgent personal expenses can be in charge of your finances.




  1. Applying clauses need attention: While you are choosing the lender, pay close attention to the agreement. Interest rates can be as high as 35%. So not paying might lead to multiplying the principle payment. So exercise awareness while signing up for any Cash Loan.
  1. Fewer repayment days: Generally, the repayment period is very less. These loans are not preferred for longer durations. Hence, Pay Day Loan is also popularly known as a Short Term Loan or more specifically as Monthly Loan (30 Days) and Daily Loan (1 Day) according to their repayment duration.

In spite of numerous informal promises, the Lenders will not entertain your request of borrowing money, unless you have a job or receive a regular paycheck. Always carefully study the terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement before committing to a Pay Day Loan. This might seem tedious to you but can save you from much potential trouble.

Payday Loan in India


Rupeelend excels in providing payday loan and payday loan in India. Rupeelend is a digital finance organization setup in 2015. Rupeelend, pioneer of digital finance for short term is currently operating in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad.

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