Loan for short term emergencies

Rupeelend is a secure and trustworthy way to borrow money for short term emergencies. You are not required to go through long involved applications and wait indefinitely for approvals before you can lay your hands on the money. We will give you the required money within 15 minutes of approval of your application. You can apply 24x7 from the comfort of your home irrespective whether it’s day or night weekday, weekend or bank holida.

Easy and transparent solution

Rupeelend’s personal online loans have been set up to cover your unexpected need at a time when you require it most. Our easy and transparent solution is meant to help you meet your goals easily and fast. There is no long and frustrating waits, no hidden fees, no complications. The money can be in your bank between 10 minutes and an hour, depending on your bank. By taking a short-term loan you will avoid making more expenses and damaging your credit rating. Though the short-term loan fees are rather high, as they are meant to be taken only for a few days, you will ultimately end up paying less than the fees for exceeding the limit of your credit card. The biggest benefit of our short term loan is that it can provide instant relief in case you are faced with a short-term emergenc.

Quick decision on your application

Our online three-minute application process is easy and fast and you can expect a quick decision from us. No need of elaborate documentations or calls and meetings, over and above prolonged and frustrating waits for approval.

Designed to meet short-term needs only

You can make the most of short-term loans if you don’t take them as a means to solve your larger problems. Understand that these loans are short term and meant for short-term emergencies and should not be extended for months or years. These loans are designed in such a way by allowing maximum of Rs 1,00,000/- at one time, so you can repay without difficulty.

Loans that you can repay without difficulty

We give loans for a maximum of 365 days. Within that period you can plan your repayment schedule. You can plan it in alignment with your next pay cheque or the next payment you will receive in your business. If you are late in repaying there will be additional charges. So it is better to avoid this and pay on time. Our loans are such that you can repay on time. However, if you have any problem repaying do get in touch with us so we can help in whatever way we ca.

Smart and secure procedure

At Rupeelend we make use of smart and secure technology to process information, such as your bank statement and other personal details. There is no wasting time sending elaborate documentation. This helps us process your application fast. Your basic information is all we need to get going. We keep your online data absolutely secure. Our protected connections ensure that your data is available only with us.

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